About us

Here at HanysLux, our mission is to help people express themselves through jewelry. Whether it is a piercing or a simple necklace. We strive to help people get the experience of piercings without actually getting it pierced. Some people might not be able to because of religion, parents/guardians, or because they simply do not want to commit to one just yet. Body jewelry is automatically a confidence booster so why not make it available to everyone? 


HanysLux LLC. was founded by Hany Camejo. It was founded on August, 2020. Since then, we have grown our Tiktok account to 200,000+ followers, our Instagram to 14,000+ followers, and our pinterest which has over 200,000 monthly viewers. We have shipped out over 3,000+ orders over the past year. We strive to bring confidence in girls/guys all around the world.